About Us

Portage County Regional Airport is included in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems 2009-2013 (NPIAS). This marks KPOV as significant part of the national air transportation system and is eligible for infrastructure development funding from the Federal Government. Over the past 15 years KPOV has received over $6,000,000 in FAA improvement and land acquisition funds. Aviation activity at KPOV is responsible for an economic impact of approximately $6.7 million dollars and supports 59 jobs.

The Airport Now

The Portage County Commissioners, under the authority of Chapter 308 of the Ohio Revised Code, created the Portage County Regional Airport Authority (PCRAA) to manage the airport. The County Commissioners appoint an eight-member board of trustees to PCRAA to govern the airport. Under the law, the Board of Trustees has the authority to establish airport rates and charges; negotiate leases; acquire, construct, operate, manage, and maintain airport facilities; buy and sell property; and issue debt for property acquisitions or facility improvements. The PCRAA has two part-time employees, including a groundskeeper and a secretary/treasurer. The authority has entered into a 50-year airport management agreement and an FBO services agreement with Portage Flight Center. Under this agreement PFC provides daily airport management services, 365 days per year, from 8 AM to sunset.

Our Future

An airport master plan update study has been prepared and submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration. Authored in 2009 and recently updated, the 10-year Airport Capital Improvement Program (ACIP) is KPOV’s master plan development through 2020. The ACIP includes proposed projects with an estimated total cost of $7,439,186, with $2,638,000 funded by FAA entitlement funds, $4,025,500 through FAA state apportionment funding, and $350,686 in local matching funds.
The projects included in the ACIP will afford KPOV the ability to be an active partner to the various business and community development organizations in our region. KPOV remains uniquely positioned between three major airports and two significant interstates to deliver a very affordable, while safe environment for recreational, personal and business aviation. Couple this with the business development opportunities in and around Portage County and the future is indeed one to celebrate.