Portage County Airport has a variety of hangar options to meet every pilot’s needs and business requirements. From simple tie downs to 60 x 60 condo hangars there is sure to be the right place for your plane or aviation business. KPOV is also home to PACA, Portage Airport Condo Association, a group of privately owned hangars with access to our airport facilities. Land is also available to build a standalone hangar custom designed to meet your needs.

Airport Owned and Operated Hangars

Request hanger space by downloading and submit Hangar Request.

T – Hangars

Open and closed T-Hangers with concrete floors and 40 foot doors   $175 – $185/month


60 x 60 Standalone with 50 x 20 doors Minimum one year lease   $1200/month

Tie Downs

Monthly or Daily

$50/month or $7.50/day


PCRA owns multiple parcels with runway access
where an owner may build his ‘dream’ hanger.
Land lease rates are competitive.

Private Hangars for Lease and Purchase

KPOV also has independent operators that offer hangars for lease or purchase.  Many have full bathrooms and all are heated and fully enclosed.


Portage Airport Condominium Association (PACA) is group of private hangars located on the northside of the airport owned by private individuals and managed by the association. The hangars within PACA enjoy all the same benefits and access to KPOV as the airport owned hangars but gives pilots the opportunity to “own” their own hangar and the land underneath.

Larry Beardsley, PACA President larrybeard@aol.com
Jackie Graichen, PACA Sec/Treasurer jackiegraichen@gmail.com

Bonner Properties

Bonner Properties offers both T-Hangars for rent and Large Condo Hangars for purchase. All T-Hangars are fully enclosed and heated with 40 x 12 doors and secure access.

There are currently 4 condo hangars available for purchase. All in-floor heat with restrooms and some with enclosed offices, kitchenettes and showers.

Dick Bonner, rbonner@bonnerfarms.net
330 298 3277