Recent Repairs, June 24, 2019

The airport board has been working on repairs at the airport.

The all volunteer board of trustees for the airport has been working on some repairs.  The repairs never happen quickly enough, but our trustees have been volunteering their time, whether it’s to talk to vendors and arrange repairs or, at times, to do the repair themselves.

1) Feb 2019, Utility pole near the fuel farm

The base of the pole broke.  The wires stayed attached.  JC Electric did the repair.

Before repair
After repair
2) May 2019, Key card gate leading to T hangars on the south side.
The years of freezing and thawing took their toll on the key card gate near the fuel farm.  The polls holding the gate mechanism became loose, resulting in the gate being misaligned and excessive wear.  Kustom Fencing from Barberton fixed the gate and made some improvements.  The posts were secured into the ground.  Some welding was necessary where the misalignment wore the metal.  Additionally a photo sensor was added to make the gate fail safe when an obstruction could prevent closing.
Gate before repair. Note sunken soil around posts.
Post repaired
New photo sensor added

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