Airport News – summary April 25, 2018

April 25, 2018, Summary of improvements at the airport.

There are several newsworthy items at the Portage County Regional Airport. Let me give you a summary and then more details in a later post.

1) We’ve got bagels,…and coffee! With a goal in mind of providing another reason for you to get to the airport, Joe Murray has opened KPOV Coffee & Bagel at the FBO. There was a soft opening last weekend, with the grand opening on May 5th. See Facebook KPOV Bagel for updates.

2) REILs (Runway End Identifier Lights) Have you noticed our REILs aren’t working? You’ve checked NOTAMs, haven’t you? Anyway, good news. Northeast Ohio Regional Airport (Ashtabula, HZY) recently improved their runway, and a set of REILs that they installed not too long ago, was replaced. These slightly used REILs, purchased with ODOT funds, are going to be transferred to POV.

3) North taxiway relocation. Here’s another much needed improvement in the works. The north parallel taxiway needs repaved. The FAA won’t provide a grant for this paving because of the taxiway location. It’s too close to the runway by current regulations. That’s the bad news. The good news is the FAA and ODOT will provide grants to relocate the taxiway. The north parallel taxiway will be rebuilt about 100 ft north of it’s current position, and of course that comes with new paving.

As mentioned at the top, more information on all three improvements will be covered in later posts.

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